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Birthday Cake Review: We ordered Baby Loti’s First Birthday Cake from Slices

Birthday must have cake right? Somemore is Baby Loti's first Birthday cake leh.So must order some cake to cater to 60 - 70 people mah.With so many choices of home bakers, we narrowed our decision to Slices.Joanne

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11 Baby Products found to be unsafe – Do you own one?

According to CNA, there are 11 baby products that are found to be unsafe by Product safety regulator.These includes baby carriers, cots and strollers. and to be exact,6 Baby Carriers5 Baby Cots5 Baby StrollersThey

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Tampines 1 Escalator Stroller

Tampines 1 Escalator Incident: They Say Stroller likely the Cause

​On 13 April Saturday evening, a moving escalator collapsed in Tampines 1 Shopping Mall. ​Lucky no one was hurt in the incident.Then today, Tampines 1 GM mentioned that stroller wheels are likely the

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Tokidoki in Singapore

Tokidoki in Singapore – How to spend $688 wisely and claim the luggage

If you are a new parent, by now you should have seen some of these Tokidoki stuffs going around in Singapore. We first got to know during the first baby fair we attended. This

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Baby Vaccination Polyclinic

Baby’s 7th Month Vaccination at Polyclinic

Last Friday, we brought Loti's for her Vaccination. The baby's Month Vaccination is the 3rd Jab for her Hepatitis B. She had her 1st Dose during birth, 2nd dose after 1 month and now 5 months later.And

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After Confinement Postpartum

What’s next after your 1st month of Confinement?

Everyone is telling you about the 1 month confinement. You cannot do this, you must do that. And all the focus is on the 1st month. But no one is telling you what is next after that?What

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Cheapest Diaper Singapore

Cheapest Diapers – Now on Sale! (Goon, Mamypoko, Pampers)

Cheapest Diaper on Sales Now!Goon Diapers, Mamypoko Diapers and Pampers Diapers are on sales now!They are the lowest in town currently. Faster buy before you miss the boat.They have Newborn Size, Small

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The Kiasu Newborn Checklist Guide – The 1st Month

Newborn Checklist is a must have when your little one is arriving. You do not want to kan chiong when the baby suddenly checks in early. But then again, it is always good to get prepared. And with

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Where to buy the Cheapest Baby Milk Powder in Singapore

If you are looking for the cheapest baby milk powder in Singapore. Then I am gonna tell you. There isn't any. All the prices are fixed in major supermarkets. And how cheap can it be?It is like trying to

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Diaper Bag Essentials for Baby (0 – 6 Months)

Packing your baby's diaper bag is a critical and essential process when bringing your newborn out. For daddies, it is like packing your FBO (Full Battle Order) and SBO (Skeleton Battle Order) for mobilisation.Except

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