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4th Month Baby Schedule and Chart: Feed, Diaper, Sleep

This is our baby's 4th Month Schedule and feeding chart.We have been using app - Babytime (Android | iOS) to record Baby Loti's daily activities. But we only key in selective activities like, Feeding and

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7 Days Osaka _ Kyoto with a Baby

We Flew First Time with our Baby to Osaka / Kyoto – 7 Days Itinerary

We planned our first trip to Japan Osaka with Baby Loti. This trip was booked in the last December via Flyscoot.But along the way, there was numerous reschedule that eventually we were transferred to a

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11 Baby Products found to be unsafe – Do you own one?

According to CNA, there are 11 baby products that are found to be unsafe by Product safety regulator.These includes baby carriers, cots and strollers. and to be exact,6 Baby Carriers5 Baby Cots5 Baby StrollersThey

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Baby 3 Months Schedule - Sleep Feed Diaper

3 Months Baby Schedule – Feeding, Diaper, Sleeping

We have been using app - Babytime (Android | iOS) to record Loti's daily activities. But we only key in selective activities like, Feeding and Diaper change.On and off, we will record her nap time if we

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Polyclinic baby vaccination

5 Reasons Why You Should Go Polyclinic For your Baby Vaccination

The common dilemma for Singaporeans. Polyclinic or Private Clinic for baby's vaccination and jaundice follow ups.In short, is time vs money.All along we know that the public medical facilities is famous

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Port Dickson Lexis Hibiscus

4 Days in Port Dickson Lexis Hibiscus From Singapore – Travelling With Newborn

We enjoy road trip a lot during our time in France. So now planning a road trip as well to Port Dickson, and of course we are travelling with our newborn.Port Dickson is a Town in Malaysia, 90km away from

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Cheapest Diaper Singapore

Cheapest Diapers – Now on Sale! (Goon, Mamypoko, Pampers)

Cheapest Diaper on Sales Now!Goon Diapers, Mamypoko Diapers and Pampers Diapers are on sales now!They are the lowest in town currently. Faster buy before you miss the boat.They have Newborn Size, Small

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The Kiasu Newborn Checklist Guide – The 1st Month

Newborn Checklist is a must have when your little one is arriving. You do not want to kan chiong when the baby suddenly checks in early. But then again, it is always good to get prepared. And with

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Diaper Bag Essentials for Baby (0 – 6 Months)

Packing your baby's diaper bag is a critical and essential process when bringing your newborn out. For daddies, it is like packing your FBO (Full Battle Order) and SBO (Skeleton Battle Order) for mobilisation.Except

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New Dad Describe Baby Delivery

New Dad Describe the Moments leading to Baby’s Delivery

On our 37th week appointment to the gynecologist, we were told to stand by for French Fries birth. As she is weighing 3.2kg at that time and could be out anytime. So we read up some tips on what are the

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