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Hello, I am Don.

On this site, I share everything I learnt about becoming a savvy daddy and husband.

Best of all, sharing how I save money effectively during this journey.

Before it got started..

I started this blog in 2018 when Loti (our little one) was born. 

But before that, we were actually on an assignment in France.

We relocated back to Singapore and only have 2 months to prepare for the baby delivery.

With such a short time, we were running around to settle in our relocation, finding gynaecologist, booking our delivery hospital.

And also researching information on new parenthood, baby expenses, checklist and guides etc.

Things like:

But we wanted to do it the cost effective way (aka Cheap). We tried to google online for information.

It was everywhere. We tried to find reviews for certain product and services. It was everywhere again.

So while documenting our journey, I also started sharing deals with our readers that are following us. 

And we also realise that all these deals and promotions are scattered all over.

Then Boom, MoneySavingDaddy.com is created.

What is MoneySavingDaddy.com about?

Same thing for parenthood, there are not many sites with information on deals / promotions on diapers lah, wet wipes lah.

Which is the cheapest milk powder lah.


At MoneySavingDaddy.com, we aim to be the avenue for you to discover ways to save money in this sibei expensive Singapore city. 

All the Shopee Promo Codes, GrabFood Promo Codes, FoodPanda Promo Codes.


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